Early Childhood 

iPads for Education
Search online for reviews on educational apps.
Bubble Blower switch operated
Your student will enjoy blowing bubbles at their friends. Just be careful with tile floors, they get slick fast.
Switches come in many shapes, sizes, colors, textures and types. They are used to play, access a computer or numerous devices. They make it possible for handicapped student to participate with their peers.
Pix Writer
A text to picture symbol software that allows students to writeby selecting text from a goup of pre-set pictures. Or a teacher can type and print any picture symbol text they choose.
A great picture symbol software. Lots of uses. Boardmaker Plus allows you to make interactive activites.
Interactive Books
A series of easy to read books with interactive parts and content board. 12 books.
Drawing bug
A switch operated drawing tool. Cute as a bug!
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